Empowering People

Social Investment


One of CVT’s core values is empowering individuals.

We believe that our company can assist the communities in reducing poverty and crime and addressing any issues of national importance in trying to create a successful society.


CVT has therefore identified two registered Non-Profit Organizations namely Kids Haven and Ngobeni Foundation that are playing a huge role in ensuring that the above-mentioned objectives are achieved.


CVT contributes towards the welfare of children and woman in these two selected NPOs.

Kids Haven

Kids Haven is in Benoni, in the Ekurhuleni Metro in Gauteng.  The Organization has two sites in Benoni.  Kids Haven is dedicated to the care and protection of vulnerable children. This is conducted by provision of shelter, education, protection, training, and therapy. The organization relies on donor funding to ensure that its objectives are achieved. You can also get involved by volunteering or donating in cash or in kind.



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“The welfare of each of us is the welfare of all. Everybody lives longer. We experience fulfillment in life, living it in the successful society we are creating. We feel prosperous.”


– South African National Development Plan 2030:  Our Future – make it work

Ngobeni Foundation

The Ngobeni Student Assistant Program seeks to motivate grade 10 – 12 learners by giving them small gifts such as diaries, t-shirts, caps, school bags, stationery, jackets etc.

 The foundation through one of its programs seeks to help students address any issues that they might be exposed to such as drug abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse etc. Students’ welfare and backgrounds are assessed, and corrective measures are then recommended based on the outcome of the assessments. In addition, the Organization donates gifts to elderly people as a way of recognizing their contribution to the society. You can also get involved by volunteering or donating in cash or in kind.







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